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3 Reasons to Love Sustainable Tile

 If there's one thing we're falling in love with this February, it's sustainable tile. 

Think we're crazy? Check out 3 reasons to crush hard on eco-conscious tile this month and beyond below.

1. They Reduce Natural Resource Consumption

Sustainable tiles make for a happier (and healthier) planet. Who doesn't want that?  

Sustainable tiles often use recycled or rapidly-renewable resources to minimize the burden their manufacturing has on our ecosystem's natural resources. 

And these tiles are produced with high-efficiency systems that utilize green technology and sustainable manufacturing processes to further curb energy costs and consumption of natural resources, like water. 

livden sustainable tile

At LIVDEN, all three of our 12x12 tile bodies are made from recycled materials and are supplied by manufacturers who share our staunch commitment to the environment. From the start, we prioritized using recycled and rapidly renewable materials to create our tiles so that we could minimize our overall resource consumption for years to come.

2. They Diminish Environmental Impact

Beyond preserving our planet's natural resources, sustainable tiles also come with a lower environmental impact. 

And that's because these eco-conscious materials often leverage networks of domestic supply chains and suppliers.

Utilizing resources and systems that are in proximity to the materials being manufactured means that these materials have fewer transportation and energy costs associated with them.

Transportation consumes around 19% of global energy use and produces 23% of energy-related CO2 emissions, so the more costs your materials can cut on this front, the better!

At LIVDEN, we prioritize domestic manufacturers for our tile bodies for this exact reason. In fact, 70-85% of the raw materials extracted by our Polar Ice Terrazzo supplier come from less than 500 miles away from their manufacturing facility and 85-95% of raw materials for our Ivory Porcelain tiles are extracted from within 500 miles of the supplier's manufacturing facilities.

This proximity and domestically-situated network allows us to dwindle our consumption associated with manufacturing and transportation!

made in the usa tile

3. You Get Sustainability and Style

Okay, so we have to be honest: this third reason might be specific to just LIVDEN. But, with our modern, eco-friendly tiles you don't have to choose between sustainability and style. You can have both!

We're on a mission to debunk the myth that sustainability and style can't go hand in hand when it comes to decorative tile.

We want to make it easy for you to go green at home, without have to settle for less-than-spectacular design. 

That's why we offer over 50+ sustainable tiles. Each pattern starts on pen and paper so we can create designs that are unlike any other on the market.

So say so long to boring colorways and uninspired eco-friendly tiles. Say hello to decorative tile that's colorful, imaginative, playful, and sustainable. 

Our Sustainable Tile Favorites

Feeling the love for sustainable tile? Check out some of our favorite tile designs based on recycled tile body type, below! 

Chunky Terrazzo Tiles

sustainable tile chunky terrazzo

Ivory Porcelain Tiles

sustainable tile polar ice terarzzo

Polar Ice Terrazzo Tiles

sustainable tile ivory porcelain


Support Sustainability

From preserving our planet's natural resources to uplifting domestic manufacturers, there's plenty of reasons to fall in love with sustainable tile.

Not sure what your individual tile style might be? Take our Style Quiz to see what tile designs speak to your unique aesthetic! 

Or, discover some of the latest LIVDEN projects to get added installation inspiration below: 



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