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Where it all started

25 years ago, a patented process of printing images onto natural stone was invented by an artist and single mother in her makeshift garage studio. Since those early mornings in 1994, Melinda Earl has transformed her humble rooted business into a popular decorative tile manufacturer whose products can be found in homes all over the US. Her keen design talents and self-made spirit have been the driving force of StoneImpressions through the years. When you ask Melinda what her favorite part of running a company is, she will tell you it is running it alongside family. It was during the early days of experimenting in her garage and printing wedding invitations onto pieces of stone that she met her soon to be husband, Greg. After seeing what she was capable of, he pushed her to expand her business and together they grew Stonelmpressions. Fast forward 24 years, to find her daughter, stepdaughter, and stepson all working together under one roof.

After settling into their different roles at Stonelmpressions, Greg and Melinda’s daughters’ saw a growing need for a sustainable and eco-conscious decorative tile. They wanted to create a line that reflected their deep commitment to sustainability that didn’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Imagine a world where art meets sustainability and recycled materials are at the forefront of every home. That's the world LIVDEN is creating.

The concept was to create fresh and innovative patterns in a way that utilized upcycled post-consumer materials, giving people an easy option to choose green. Georgie and Hilary combined their complimentary skill sets to design an in-house tile line that is made from recycled materials. While potential company names have changed, their core values for the brand have not. Since the creation of LIVDEN, its mission has always been based around three things: sustainability, accessibility and originality.

More About Georgie

A world traveler at heart, Georgie has used insight gained from visiting all 50 states and over 30 countries to sharpen the vision of LIVDEN Designs. With a passion for working with people and learning their stories, she knows that development starts with community and mutual responsibility. Georgie spent two years serving in the Peace Corps after graduating from the University of California-Irvine. In the country of Moldova, her focus was on developing sustainable community-based projects that laid the foundation for the ethos she carries with her today. Georgie has spent the past seven years as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Stonelmpressions. In the infancy of LIVDEN, she knew that using recycled materials and supporting other American companies was imperative to the brand. Today, she keeps on keeping things green, with a steadfast devotion to environmentally conscious products and a desire to fill this need in the decorative tile market.

More About Hilary

Hilary's refined taste and palate goes beyond the stroke of her paintbrush. She has spent years designing each of LIVDEN’s unique collections - conceptualizing and fine-tuning patterns until she's certain they will fill a home with a breath of originality. A tried and true California woman, Hilary gains inspiration from natural elements and vivid coastal tones. She likes to incorporate the unexpected and develops the designs to be used in versatile environments. Hilary attended Ursinus College, a small liberal arts school outside of Philadelphia and has spent the past four years as Social Media Manager of Stonelmpressions. She attributes her love for painting and design to her mother, whose talents and keen eye were undoubtedly passed down. With the onset of LIVDEN, she hopes to change the way people bring art into their homes, allowing each space to shine from the inside out.

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