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Sustainable Tile Materials

Ivory Porcelain Tiles

Looking for a way to have both show-stopping decorative tile and sustainability in your interior? Look no further than our Ivory Porcelain tiles. This eco-friendly tile body base creates the perfect blank canvas for eye-catching tile designs and offers a range of benefits.

What is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic product that is made from different combinations of natural materials, like clay or feldspar, and baked at very high temperatures. Oftentimes, you might see Porcelain tiles conflated with ceramic tiles, but there is a key difference between the two. Porcelain tiles can be heated at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, meaning they are harder, denser, and stronger.

How are Porcelain tiles made?

Porcelain tiles are made from the finest raw materials and a carefully controlled manufacturing process that involves combining, shaping, glazing, and firing. All LIVDEN Ivory Porcelain tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures to ensure the tiles are dense, durable, stain-resistant, and moisture-resistant. This special firing process also makes our Porcelain tiles 30% harder than granite or marble.

Where are LIVDEN Ivory Porcelain tiles made?  

Our Ivory Porcelain tiles are made in the heartland of the United States by a manufacturer dedicated to sustainable design solutions and responsible porcelain tile production. This manufacturer is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and uses a recycling program to be a net consumer of tile waste, rerouting millions of pounds of waste from landfills every year. 

Are Ivory Porcelain tiles sustainable?

Absolutely. Porcelain tiles are derived from abundant, organic materials and come with a long lifecycle. Durability aside, Porcelain tiles are also non-toxic, low maintenance, and fireproof. Our Ivory Porcelain tiles are Green Squared Certified and Petal Certified by the International Living Future Institute, which means they meet a rigorous standard for sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment and our society.

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Polar Ice Terrazzo Tiles

At LIVDEN we have a deep respect for the ancient arts, and we love that Terrazzo is one of the original recycled materials. Our Polar Ice Terrazzo collections bring sophisticated dimension to our tile patterns, complementing each design in a singular way.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite building material that is made by binding recycled materials, such as granite, glass, or quartz, with cement or epoxy. 

With roots going back to the 18th century, it was common practice for Italian workers to fill in city streets with leftover marble chips and pottery pieces.

At LIVDEN, we love that Terrazzo paved the way forward for sustainable building materials today.

How is Polar Ice Terrazzo made?

Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles are made using a special binding process and a fusion of recycled materials. These products include a skillful combination of post-consumer recycled glass, granite, quartz, quartzite, and pre-consumer porcelain.

Where are LIVDEN Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles made?

Our Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles are made in Florida by a member of the U.S. Green Building Council who is committed to preserving our planet's resources.

Are Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles environmentally friendly?

Our Polar Ice Terrazzo collection is an artful blend of 65-66% post-consumer recycled glass, granite, quartz, quartzite, and pre-consumer porcelain. It is made in the USA and may qualify for LEED points.

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Chunky Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo’s so nice we had to use it twice!

In contrast to our Polar Ice Terrazzo tile base, our Chunky Terrazzo tiles feature a more traditional Terrazzo profile, with larger specks of recycled material throughout the tile base that bring added character and appeal.

This gives each crate of material a distinctive look as the recycled material available will dictate how the lot comes out—making each piece of our Chunky Terrazzo a completely unique piece of art!

What are Terrazzo tiles?

Like we mentioned above, Terrazzo tiles are a composite building material made by binding together a unique mix of recycled materials with cement or epoxy.

Terrazzo tiles are durable, non-porous, mold-resistant, and add dimension and visual interest to any interior.

Usually, with Terrazzo tiles you will see a 2:1 ratio of recycled bits to binder in the tile body, but that ratio can vary depending on manufacturer.

Where are LIVDEN Chunky Terrazzo tiles made?

LIVDEN Chunky Terrazzo tiles are made in the heart of the Midwest by a manufacturer enshrined in American craftsmanship, innovative sustainable manufacturing processes, recycled materials, and green technology.

They use recycled water at every stage of the manufacturing process, recycle millions of pounds of material waste, and utilize high-efficiency, energy-saving tactics throughout their facility.

Are Chunky Terrazzo tiles eco-friendly?

Our Chunky Terrazzo tiles offer an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional tile bodies.

They are made from recycled materials (including recycled glass composites), incredibly durable, sustainably manufactured, and consciously designed.

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Our Polar Ice Terrazzo is a more subtle Terrazzo that offers a hint of texture and grain but ultimately lets our patterns do the talking.  The Polar Ice option compliments our more detailed and traditional collections and is also easy to utilize with other materials.  Because this option is white, it lets all of our collections really pop.

A more traditional Terrazzo profile, our Chunky Terrazzo tile body features larger bits of recycled material in the base. This unique material makeup gives our Chunky Terrazzo tiles added dimension, which amplifies any pattern design they are paired with. With Chunky Terrazzo, you create the eco-conscious and eye-catching interior of your dreams.

Our Ivory Porcelain tile body provides the perfect "blank canvas" for pattern tile designs. From bold and colorful to intricate and angular, our Porcelain tile base complements a wide range of design styles and aesthetics. Not only that, but it's also incredibly durable, non-toxic, and low maintenance, so you can have effortless sustainability and style in your interior.


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