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See This Modern Newport Beach Bungalow use Sustainable Tile in 3 Ways

Nestled in the charming side streets of Newport Beach, you'll find a recently remodeled bungalow that contains, not one, not two, but three LIVDEN tile installations!

A collaboration between LL Design Co and Well Done Building and Design OC, this beachside haven was brought into the 21 first century with the help of an elevated, open-concept design plan and modern finishes, like our patterned, decorative tiles

Made on 65-100% recycled materials, our tile designs not only amplified the cool, California vibe of this home, but also brought sustainable materials into the design mix, further modernizing this stunning redesign. 

Keep that mouse scrolling to see how our tiles live in and light up this Newport Beach property.

Design Details

Before we jump in, here's a short-and-sweet recap of the project:

Now it's time to turn back the clock to where this project all started. 

Below is a picture of the Newport Beach Property before LL Design Co and Well Done OC had the chance to get their hands on it. 

livden newport beach project before

There was clearly some room for improvement! 

Co-Founder and Lead Designer of LL Design Co, Lisa Rossman, is a major proponent of creating spaces that reflect individual personality. Already aware of the LIVDEN mission and a fan of our unique tile designs, Rossman connected with our team at the onset of this project to find the perfect sustainable tile collection for this one-of-a-kind property. She landed on the STELLA tile collection and ended up featuring both our STELLA 5 Flower tile and STELLA Native tile!

After a few months of strategically designing and constructing the house, LL Design Co and Well Done OC turned that humble seaside abode you saw above into this breathtaking bungalow below. 

sustainable tile remodel

sustainable tile remodel oc

Can you believe the transformation?

Let's step inside! 

The Main Living Area

Up first we have the main living area. Here, Well Done OC completely dismantled the previous foundation, creating a new open-concept floor plan that maximized the square footage of this space. 

LL Design Co infused organic materials and dark, metal details to give this part of the interior that classic, California coastal aesthetic. 

sustainable tile living area

living area featuring sustainable tile

With its paired back décor and breezy color palette, the main living area was just the right spot to incorporate an eye-catching patterned tile feature. 

The Fireplace

Enter, the fireplace.

The first of three tile installations in this bungalow, this modern fireplace features our sustainable STELLA Native tile in the colorway Fog.

sustainable fireplace tile
stella native tile design

livden stella fireplace tile

Available on recycled 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo, the STELLA Native tile combines playful shapes and soothing color tones to give off a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic. In this application, the fireplace tile design creates a focal moment, but doesn't dominate the space. Rather, it just adds another alluring design element that weaves effortlessly into the overall design. 

The Kitchen 

No LIVDEN tiles here, but the kitchen is must-see.

LL Design Co and Well Done OC extended the same crisp, coastal look to this area of the house by again utilizing neutral color tones, organic materials, and chic contrasting design elements, like ebony bar stools and pendant lights. 

newport beach kitchen design

kitchen area entry way newport beach

The Bathroom

Now let's move on to the second sustainable tile installation in this house! 

Up next, we have our STELLA tile collection featured in this delightful bathroom. 

sustainable bathroom tile design


The Shower Tile Wall

Featuring the 5 Flower tile in the colorway Fog on recycled 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo, the shower wall creates a much-needed statement feature in this clean and laid back bathroom. 

stella sustainable shower wall tile

stella 5 flower tile design

The Fog colorway and repeating floral tile design offer subtle sophistication and visual interest to the space, without overwhelming it. A tile tip to save for later? Using a smaller-scale tile design as a feature wall can make cozy spaces, like this bathroom, feel even more intimate and inviting!

Design Bonus

Last but not least, we have a few bonus spaces that deserve some attention.

Here, the LL Design Co and Well Done OC team reimagined the backyard to give this previously under-utilized area of the house added form and function. We love how the cheeky details and bold prints used in this space that reflect the individuality present in the overall home design. 

newport beach backyard design

And now we've come to our third and final LIVDEN tile installation in this gorgeous Newport Beach remodel. 

A word of caution before you completely fall in love with the shower wall tile design below: we do not recommend LIVDEN tiles in outdoor applications (hot or cold!)

newport beach sustainable tile design

In this application, the STELLA Native tile in the colorway Fog shower wall has been almost entirely covered and is living in a temperate, coastal climate. If you're ever unsure about where you can and cannot install LIVDEN tile, connect with our team to get your tile questions sorted out.  

Get Inspired

Thanks for touring this recent Newport Beach remodel with us! 

Looking for more installation inspiration? Check out our gallery to see some of our favorite past projects and tile designs. Or head to our Fall 2021 Capsule to see some of our favorite designs made for the autumn aesthetic. 

livden tile installation gallery



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