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Jasmine Roth Uses LIVDEN Tile for HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House

Picture yourself on your couch at home, comfortably scrolling through your Tik Tok feed. A residential renovation video catches your eye. 60 seconds flash by as you watch a seemingly average person go full on Fixer Upper with their space, effortlessly transforming their interior into something that looks like it's ready to be professionally photographed for a magazine. Without realizing it, you start nodding your head along to the video's upbeat, electronic video, imagining the endless possibilities for your own home.

It can’t be that hard, right?

Well, for the average homeowner—it absolutely can be.

Without proper knowledge, resources, or manpower, a DIY dream can quickly transpire into a DIY disaster.

That’s where Jasmine Roth, a California-based professional designer and builder, comes in. She’s no stranger to this situation! In fact, she leverages her remodeling expertise in HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House to help homeowners patch up their DIY disappointments and create the fully-renovated homes of their dreams.

And what better way to craft a timeless interior than with recycled materials? In the second season of the show, Roth utilized three LIVDEN Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles, each made from 65-66% recycled materials.  

Keep scrolling to see how Roth integrated our eco-friendly tiles into these reimagined residences to give both homes sustainability and effortless style.

livden tile feature help i wrecked my house

The Rundown

Before we dive into the details, check out a quick rundown below that outlines which tiles Roth featured and where!

Episode: Season 2 | Episode 7 | Peace of Mind Is Worth Every Penny

Episode: Season 2 | Episode 7 | Peace of Mind Is Worth Every Penny

Episode: Season 2 | Episode 8 | This Is Not Our House

Now let’s turn our attention to fun stuff—the completed tile installation photos. (Please note, all photos are courtesy of @jasminerothofficial, @builtcustomhomes, and @mikeradfordphoto.)

The Fireplace Tile Design

Gone are the days of uninspired, generic fireplaces. And for good reason!

Today, fireplace facades are a valuable piece of real estate for designers and a fantastic option for looping in other colors, materials, and textures to your overall design.

On Episode 7, Roth wasted no opportunities with the fireplace in the living room.

First, she updated the bland fireplace wall to include a gallery that showcased the homeowner’s unique art collection. To play off that vibrant and fresh aesthetic, Roth used the fireplace hearth to incorporate added hues and mixed materials.

jasmine roth fireplace tile design

Here, Roth outfitted the hearth with the Inchworm tile in Mint from our SWEET PEA tile collection. This tile design offers a mix of minimalist shapes and punchy pastels that blend effortlessly with the eye-catching art hanging right above.

We love how this strategic use of decorative tile adds a one-of-a-kind detail to the overall design and introduces sustainable materials to the space. The SWEET PEA collection is made from 65-66% recycled materials by a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Bathroom Vanity Backsplash

Did you know? Jasmine Roth used not one, but two LIVDEN tiles in Episode 7.

Aside from the main living area, the upstairs bathroom of this DIY disaster needed some serious help.

The solution? A decorative tile vanity wall packed with personality and panache!

To replace the outdated and mold-infested vanity walls of the original bathroom, Roth utilized our Maze tile design in Mint. The prior vanity was installed without proper moisture protection, so Roth wanted to use a material that would stand up to the moisture and give the space an updated aesthetic.

jasmine roth livden tile bathroom before after

She could not have picked a more suitable tile for this application than the Inchworm tile, our Maze series is also made on 12x12 recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo. One of our favorite Terrazzo tile benefits is that it is non-porous and will not promote the growth of bacteria or mold.

jasmine roth bathroom vanity

sweet pea maze bathroom vanity wall

On top of providing much-needed function for this bathroom, this patterned vanity wall introduced a whole lot of form, too! Paired with clean lines, organic accents, and gold finishes, this updated vanity makes the bathroom feel chic and modern.

jasmine roth in updated bathroom

The Kitchen Backsplash

Last, but certainly not least, we have our final tile installation—the kitchen backsplash in Episode 8!

For this renovation, Roth envisioned a classic California-inspired aesthetic, chockful of natural materials, soft hues, and crisp lines.

This was not going to be another boring, all-white kitchen—Roth smartly added pops of colors in key focal points of the space. She chose a deep navy for the main island and a sky-blue decorative tile for the kitchen backsplash to give the space dimension and a California coastal vibe.   

before after kitchen remodel

To refashion the backsplash, Roth used our 5 Flower tile design from the STELLA Collection in the colorway Sky on 12x12 recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo.

stella 5 flower tile backsplash by jasmine roth

stella kitchen backsplash

In this design, the 5 Flower tile truly shines. Not only does it give the kitchen that “wow” factor, but it also adds character and charm.

help i wrecked my house updated kitchen

stella 5 flower livden sustainable tile

This renovated kitchen is one we’d like to spend a day in!

Check Out Jasmine Roth’s Recap

Dying to get a peek of the entire remodel? Head on over to Jasmine Roth’s Blog! Her detailed articles, linked below, outline the entire renovation process from start to finish:

Stay Tuned

2022 is right around the corner, and we cannot wait to see what sustainable and stylish remodels the future holds!

Thinking about refreshing your interior in the new year? Check out our Gallery for added installation inspiration or browse all LIVDEN sustainable tile collections today.



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