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From the Tether Collection
$63.75 per piece for 12x12 Ivory Porcelain .
Product will ship in 8-12 business days. Everything ships free!


The Links pattern from the Tether Collection is a reminder that we're all linked together by our passions, experiences and loved ones. The chain shape of this porcelain tile reminds us how connected we all are - which we need more than ever in today's age! So whether you choose the serene Sea Foam, vibrant Valencia, peaceful Harvest or rich Cacao, you can be reminded of the interconnectedness of us all. Tile your world with Links and let's create a more connected world - one tile at a time! This sustainably-produced Tile is offered in 4 beautiful colorways on 12x12 Ivory Porcelain.

The 12x12 tiles come as 8 pieces per box and makes up 1 piece per square foot.

We recommend ordering 10% more than what is needed.

Sizing is nominal. Exact sizing is as follows:
- Polar Ice Terrazzo Tiles: 11.75”

-Chunky Terrazzo: 11.81"

-Ivory Porcelain: 11.62"

Imagine a world where art meets sustainability and recycled materials are at the forefront of every home. That's the world LIVDEN is creating.

LIVDEN products are designed and produced in San Diego, CA. Each tile is manufactured through a state of the art printing process that allows us to creative vivid and detailed patterns. They leave our facility sealed with a 3 part commercial grade acrylic sealer.

-Light Traffic Residential Floor

-Interior Walls

-Kitchen Backsplash

-Shower Wall

-Fireplace Surrounds

-Commercial Wall Applications

We know how easy it is to fill up a shopping cart, so we gave you a more budget-friendly option with our 6x6 sample size.  Our 6x6 samples are $5 per piece.  Please note, our 6x6 samples reflect the scale of a 12x12 and will only have 1/4th of the pattern on the tile.

12x12 SAMPLES:
If you want to see the full pattern and scale on one of our tiles, we recommend ordering a sample in the 12x12 size.  This will help you visualize the true scale and size of our tile in a space.

All samples will ship out within 3-5 business days.

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Our easy-to-order tile samples allow you to try a variety of styles and patterns in your home. Finding your perfect match has never been better.

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