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LIVDEN Featured on HGTV's The Great Giveback

The Great Giveback

If you love HGTV renovation shows and comedy superstar, Melissa McCarthy, then you have to check out her brand new show the Great Giveback on Discovery+! In this brand new series, "the fabulous Melissa McCarthy and design-savvy Jenna Perusich give back to those who give selflessly to others with surprise home makeovers. Together, they transform the homes and lives of deserving individuals who choose to lead with love and kindness " (HGTV).  So what does that have to do with LIVDEN?  Find out below!


When Melissa and Jenna came to us with the idea to use our sustainable tile in two Los Angeles homes that were to be renovated, we couldn't say yes fast enough! Not only is this show transforming the homes of selfless and deserving individuals, it is also encouraging homeowners around the country to be more sustainable and green-minded when it comes to interior design.  Catch a tour of the two homes featuring LIVDEN patterned tile below!


Home Transformation 1: Mid-century Modern Master Bath

In episode 6, The Man Wants a Tub!, Melissa and Jenna utilize the modern PUZZLE PIECE tile in Beehive on our recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo as the feature accent wall surrounding the brand new bath tub.  They took advantage of the versatility of this mid-century tile by alternating the tiles in different directions to create a unique layout. As you can see below, the overall design is one-of-a-kind for their client.

Melissa and Jenna paired the geometric PUZZLE PIECE tile with a timeless terracotta floor tile and a sleek, modern bathtub with contemporary gold fixtures.  They wanted to keep this space masculine and modern for their client by using rich brown colorways and striking shapes.
The PUZZLE PIECE collection offers 7 bold and vibrant colorways on our sustainable 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo.  Head to our website to see the other colors offered in this playful series.

Home Transformation 2: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

In the grand finale episode, Makeover for Mama, Melissa and Jenna brought this humble and selfless mama to tears with this home renovation!  "Nominated by her daughter, "Mama" loves to feed the hearts, minds and stomachs of her family and local community. Melissa and Jenna lean in to the good, bad and ugly cries..." (courtesy of HGTV).

The timeless and traditional Flora style from our CAPE series is featured as the kitchen's backsplash and laundry room accent wall.  The CAPE is available on our sustainable and American-made Ivory Porcelain tile.
Melissa and Jenna wanted to make sure they gave this loving mother a kitchen where she would be able to host family gatherings and unforgettable parties.  They created a traditional farmhouse feel with the farmhouse sink and CAPE patterned tile backsplash while adding in contemporary and colorful elements like gold hardware and a bold green Zellige accent wall.
Since they had some extra CAPE patterned tiles after creating the kitchen backsplash, they were able to use the excess to tie in the laundry room behind the kitchen.  
The CAPE series offers 2 modern farmhouse styles in 3 colorways on our 12x12 Ivory Porcelain tile.


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