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Sustainable Thanksgiving Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Sustainable Thanksgiving Tips for You

Are you looking to make your Thanksgiving a little eco-friendlier this year?

You came to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of practical, sustainable Thanksgiving tips you can use to make your holiday celebrations planet approved.   

Keep scrolling to discover how you can celebrate Turkey Day in sustainable style this year!

Do Your Holiday Shopping Mindfully

This Thanksgiving practice mindfulness while shopping.

Take a moment to really think about the types of businesses you support and their impact on the environment. Are they creating sustainable business practices? Are they supporting their local communities?

Being mindful of our purchasing choices is critical. We have the power to choose and financially support businesses that prioritize sustainability and a healthier planet for all.


Shop Local and Organic

One way you can practice sustainable shopping this Thanksgiving is by going small or shopping local.

Support local business and small business can help support your local economy. And bonus alert! Locally grown foods require fewer greenhouse gases to get to you, which is something both you and the planet can smile about.

You can also add sustainability into your Thanksgiving by choosing only organic foods while shopping. Organic foods directly support organic farming, which is thought to be better for the environment because this farming practice eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, like fertilizers and pesticides.


Reduce Food Waste Where Possible

This Thanksgiving return to the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Try proactive planning this year to reduce Thanksgiving food waste.

Start with your shopping list. Hone in on the items that you really need before you head to the store. This tactic will help you make sure you only buy what you absolutely need and don’t fall victim to needless impulse purchases.

Once you’ve got your list squared away, consider your leftovers game plan. Identify what foods you can freeze, what foods you can compost, and what foods you may want to donate to a local shelter or share with neighbors.

Proactively planning your spread before Thanksgiving will make it much easier for you to eliminate food waste once the festivities are over.  


Focus Less on the Meat

Did you know? Eating less meat can help reduce climate change! If everyone in the United States reduced their meat consumption by a quarter and replaced the rest with plant proteins, we could save about 82 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Make your Thanksgiving more sustainable this year by choosing veggies over meat. If you can’t part with your carnivorous side, consider ramping up the number of vegetarian sides and opting for a smaller bird to make your meal eco-friendly.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try an entirely vegetarian option like ToFurkey!


Take Care Travelling

This Thanksgiving take care travelling.

Add some sustainability into your holiday travel by carpooling with relatives and loved ones wherever possible.

Or you can try to travel at off peak times this Thanksgiving. Use a tool like Google Maps to plan your commute and find a time to travel when less people are on the road. You’ll save yourself from the headache of holiday traffic and you’ll waste less gas trying to get from point A to point B!


Embrace Green Friday

Move over, Black Friday! Make a sustainable Thanksgiving this year by choosing Green Friday over Black Friday.

Green Friday started as “Buy Nothing Day” in Canada back in 1992 to raise awareness about the negative impact of our massive shopping habits.

Today, Green Friday still adheres to the same core principles, but challenges consumers to shop sustainable brands or not shop at all.

Avoiding consumer purchases on Black Friday can help reduce mass waste production and overflowing landfills. Before you buy this year, ask yourself if you really need that item and why you need that item. Taking a moment to reflect before you buy ensure that what you buy is used for months to come not discarded into a massive landfill a few weeks down the line.


Go for Reusable Where Possible

When it comes to cooking and dining this Thanksgiving, make your holiday more sustainable by using reusable items wherever possible.

Do you use aluminum foil for cooking? Try beeswax wraps instead! Unlike aluminum foil, beeswax wraps can be reused for a long time and are totally compostable.

You can also create an eco-friendly holiday by choosing reusable dinnerware over single-use items. Choosing reusable napkins, utensils, and plates prevents single-use plastic or paper from ending up in our ecosystems and negatively impacting our environment.


Volunteer or Donate

What goes around comes around! Volunteering your time and abilities or donating valuable goods and services can have a tremendous impact this Thanksgiving.

Consider donating your time and assisting your local community establishments, like the food bank or soup kitchen. You can sort and pack food donated for Thanksgiving meals, assist families visiting the food bank or kitchen, and even cook and serve dinner to those in need.

If you can’t avoid travelling this holiday, consider donating to a carbon emissions offset project, like Carbon Footprint. Carbon offsetting funds solutions to reducing our carbon emissions right now and donating to a major project like Carbon Footprint can help combat climate change on a global scale.


Turkey Day Tips for You

Feeling inspired by these sustainable Thanksgiving tips? We’re compiled our favorites into one simple graphic so you can save these tips for later or share them with a friend who’s looking to become a little more eco-conscious!


We’re Grateful for You

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday, but we are especially thankful for you! The LIVDEN community is incredibly special to us and we are humbled to be supported by such wonderful people.

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