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Say hello to our first-ever summer collection: PAINTED SANDS!

PAINTED SANDS is near and dear to our hearts because it’s inspired by one of our favorite places to be: the desert.

Our co-founders, Georgie and Hilary, are both Southern California natives, and they spent a good chunk of their upbringing there exploring the wonders of the deserts in the American Southwest. 

Inspired by the radiance of desert sun rays and the arid beauty of endless landscapes, the PAINTED SANDS collection pays homage to these deserts that our co-founders cherish deeply. 

Keep reading to discover more about PAINTED SANDS, and its two new styles: Deco Sol and Desert Days

Did you know? 

In the Southwest of the United States, there are four true deserts: the Chihuahuan Desert, the Great Basin Desert, the Mojave Desert, and the Sonoran Desert. By definition, a true desert is any region that experiences very low rainfall and has very little plant life. 

In Southern California the Mojave Desert reigns supreme. Considered the driest desert, the Mojave covers most of southeast California and is home to some of the most amazing natural parks. 


And it’s the main source of inspiration behind the PAINTED SANDS collection. 

With this collection, we wanted to showcase the unique beauty inherent in these regions and pay homage to the environments that unite us.

Get to know the two PAINTED SANDS styles, Deco Sol and Desert Days, below!

Deco Sol

Try to picture a desert in your mind. What do you see? 

Most likely, you are picturing a very, very sunny place. 

If the desert is known for anything, it’s known for its blazing sun rays and high heat.

When creating the PAINTED SANDS collection, we took inspiration from that blazing radiance to craft the Deco Sol style


Featuring a stacked, playful half-circle design resembling a setting sun, the Deco Sol style is light and eye-catching.

Inspired by the pigments the sun creates as it cycles throughout the day over the arid desert backdrop, the pattern is offered in 4 majestic colorways: Orange Dawn, Blue Horizon, Pink Dusk, and Twilight Grey. 


What we love most about the Deco Sol is its ability to bring added charm to just about anywhere—it truly makes every space shine! 

Desert Days

Next up in the PAINTED SANDS collection is our Desert Days style


For this design, we took inspiration from the majestic mountains that often ring desert sandscapes. Featuring a triangular, geometric center design, the Desert Days style is incredibly versatile and can be laid out in whatever way works best for your space.


And, what's great about this triangular design is that you can rotate the tile and lay it out in such a way that new patterns and shapes are created. With this tile, you're really in the designer's seat! 

Polar Ice Terrazzo

Another added benefit of this collection? Its tile body material.

The PAINTED SANDS tile collection features its desert-inspired designs on recycled 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo tile bodies


Our recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles are incredibly durable, VOC-free, and made 100% in the USA by a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. 

With this type of tile body, the PAINTED SANDS collection (and all LIVDEN tile collections for that matter!) gives you the chance to get the style you want for your space and an element of sustainability. 

Score a Sample

Swept away by PAINTED SANDS? Order a $5 6x6 color chip sample today to see how this tile collection can add a little desert magic to your interior. 

Not quite sure what your tile style is? Take our Style Quiz! You can familiarize yourself with your design preferences and see a range of tiles that fit your individual style. 



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