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Benefits of Terrazzo Tile

At LIVDEN, we have a deep respect for the ancient arts. 

That's why we love Terrazzo—it's one of the world's original recycled materials.

Back in the mid-16th century, resourceful Venetian mosaic workers figured out how to turn marble remnants into terraces.

And this innovation paved the way forward for sustainable building materials today. 

When it comes to material options, Terrazzo can give your project sustainability and a host of other perks.

Curious to see what Terrazzo can bring to your interior? Keep reading to discover the many benefits of Terrazzo tiles today!

5 Key Terrazzo Tile Benefits

There are many advantages to installing Terrazzo tiles in your space, but the top benefits this tile body can offer are:

  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Low Maintenance
  • Design Options





With the rise of sustainable business practices, manufacturers today utilize post-consumer recycled materials, like glass or plastic, to create Terrazzo. 

At LIVDEN, our Terrazzo patterned tiles are an artful blend of 65-66% post-consumer recycled glass, granite, quartz, quartzite and pre-consumer porcelain. 

Using naturally occurring recycled materials translates to less energy overall used in the manufacturing, transportation, and installation of Terrazzo.

In the United States, Terrazzo manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are distributed in such a way that terrazzo can be regionally sourced. For example, our Terrazzo products are made in Florida by a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Because of this industry network, Terrazzo can be manufactured on site, which leads to less post-commercial waste, lower transportation costs, and less fuel consumption.


One of the biggest draws of Terrazzo as a sustainable tile material is its durability. The average life span of Terrazzo is 75 years!

With such a long lifespan, the amount of Terrazzo necessary diminishes and along with it the necessary resources and energy used in manufacturing, transportation, and installation.

Because of its durability, Terrazzo field tile can also make a great flooring option for high-traffic areas, like your home or workplace. 



Another attractive feature of Terrazzo is that it contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are gases or vapors that certain materials, like solvents or preservatives, give off over time.

VOCs degrade indoor air quality and pose a health risk to consumers, so it's important to choose a sustainable tile option that does not put you or your home at risk.  

Moreover, Terrazzo does not support microbial growth. Because of its makeup, terrazzo prevents the buildup of moisture, which helps maintain a mold-free environment with good air quality.


Low Maintenance

And Terrazzo tile is relatively low maintenance and requires little energy to be maintained.

Terrazzo tile can be cleaned using eco-friendly, water-based products and does not require intensive upkeep, like daily vacuuming or periodic steaming. In fact, most Terrazzo tiles can be cleaned with a simple pH neutral cleanser, like dish soap!

Beyond its easy cleaning routine, Terrazzo also offers a low lifecycle cost. Because of its durability, Terrazzo does not need frequent replacement or rehabilitation, leading to fewer replacement costs over time. 

Ample Design Options

One of the things we love most about Terrazzo is its design capabilities. 

Our Polar Ice Terrazzo is unique in that it has a dynamic, high-contrast profile that's slightly different from traditional Terrazzo profiles. 

The flecks of recycled material in our Terrazzo tiles are so small they create a neutral background that acts as the perfect foundation for our innovative pattern designs. 


This Terrazzo quality opens the door to seemingly endless design possibilities. From modern and minimal to bohemian and maximalist, we are able to pair our Terrazzo tile base with so many different designs and aesthetics. 

With any type of Terrazzo, you get added flexibility. You can find a style or aggregate that works for your specific needs. 

Talk of the Terrazzo

With sustainable home design trending this year, it's no wonder that more designers, homeowners, and architects are turning to Terrazzo. 

With its sustainability, durability, safety, low maintenance nature, and design capabilities, Terrazzo can truly elevate any space. 

Curious about other sustainable material options? Check out our other sustainable tile body options!



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