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Are Porcelain Tiles Environmentally Friendly?

With the launch of our new tile body, Ivory Porcelain, there's no better time than right now to answer the question: are porcelain tiles environmentally friendly

The short answer is: yes! From their recycled content to their durability, porcelain tiles present an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional building materials. 

Keep reading to see the many ways porcelain tiles are environmentally friendly!

Made From Recycled Materials

Did you know? Porcelain is made from naturally-occurring and abundant materials, like clay, and other additives. This mixture is fired at very high temperatures to create the final porcelain product. 

At LIVDEN, our Ivory Porcelain tiles are made from recycled porcelain content; abundant, organic materials with long lifecycles; and 99.98% recycled water. Our Ivory Porcelain partner utilizes a program that recycles fired porcelain waste, diverting millions of pounds of post-consumer porcelain tile away from landfills. This allows them to be a net consumer waste facility, wherein they consume as much waste as they produce, alleviating some of the stress on our planet's already-overflowing landfills. 

These tiles are not only Green Square Certified but also Petal Certified by the International Living Future Institute. Essentially, these third-party certifications mean that the tiles meet a rigorous standard for sustainability, by nature of their makeup and characteristics. 

porcelain tiles environmentally friendly

Made in the USA

All Ivory Porcelain tiles at LIVDEN are made in the USA

LIVDEN works with domestic suppliers and manufacturers to cut down on energy costs associated with transportation.

Our Ivory Porcelain tiles are made in the center of the American heartlands, and between 85-95% of raw materials are extracted from within 500 miles of the manufacturing facilities. The volume of finished goods that this supplier ships now exceeds the number of raw materials it extracts from the earth for use in manufacturing. 

porcelain tiles ecofriendly

Low Maintenance

    Our Ivory Porcelain tiles are made by firing materials at more than 2000˚ F, which results in an extremely dense tile body that resists water absorption. 

    Thanks to its dense surface, porcelain tiles are also resistant to a number of undesirable elements. Porcelain tiles are also resistant to:

    • Moisture
    • Dirt
    • Stains
    • Grime

    This fortified aspect of the tile body means you can keep the surface clean with minimal maintenance. It also means that the tile body is unlikely to trap contaminants that might impact indoor air quality. 

    ivory porcelain tiles

    Free From VOCs

    Speaking of indoor air quality, porcelain tiles are also free from any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals commonly found in the materials we use to build our homes. Unfortunately, breathing in these chemicals can have serious health risks for many individuals. 

    Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that with porcelain tiles! These non-toxic, sustainable materials do not off-gas, meaning your indoor air quality won't suffer should you choose to install porcelain tiles in your interior.

    porcelain tiles


    When you hear the word "porcelain" you might envision dainty dishes or delicate figurines. 

    But that's not the kind of porcelain we are talking about here! Porcelain tiles are made by firing naturally-occurring materials at extremely high temperatures. This firing process creates an incredible durable material. 

    In fact, like we mentioned earlier, our Ivory Porcelain tiles are fired at temperatures of 2000° F and above, making for an incredibly tough and long-lasting surface material. This special firing process makes our Ivory Porcelain tile 30% harder than stones like marble or granite. 

    This durability translates to a longer product lifecycle. With a longer lifecycle, porcelain tiles will not need to be replaced as frequently as alternative tile bodies with shorter product lifecycles. Less frequent replacement means less resource consumption and a win for the environment! 

    Our Favorite Ivory Porcelain Tiles

    1. Carbon

    2. Wreath

    3. Rain


    4. Lightning 

    5.  Blizzard

    6. Amaryllis

    7. Flora

    8. Chutes and Ladders

    9. Floret

    10. Sadie

    Porcelain Power

    Not only is porcelain a beautiful, high-contrast tile body option, but it's also a more eco-friendly alternative to other traditional tile materials. 

    Curious to learn more about sustainable tile options? Check out our Chunky Terrazzo tiles or Polar Ice Terrazzo tiles, also made from recycled materials. 

    Or, get to know your individual tile style by taking our Style Quiz! This short quiz will reveal which tile design is perfect for your personality and interior. 



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