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Layout Fun With Our New Desert Days Pattern

At LIVDEN, we want to make it easy for everyone to create spaces that inspire joy. 

That's why we're so excited to spotlight Desert Days, an eye-catching pattern from our newly-launched PAINTED SANDS collection, designed to bring playfulness and visual interest to any interior. 

Inspired by the majestic beauty of the American Southwest desert mountains, this pattern features a geometric design and is available in four, bold colorways: Rainbow Basin, Saddleback Rust, Borrego Sand, and Red Rock.


And one of the best parts of this design is its versatility. 

The Desert Days pattern encourages creativity and can be rotated to create new, unique layouts, allowing designers or homeowners to dramatically alter the look and feel of their overall space. 

So today, we're walking you through a few of our favorite Desert Days tile layouts with the Rainbow Basin colorway to give you installation inspiration for your next project.  

Let's lay this out. 


6 Tile Layouts Featuring the Desert Days Pattern

Single Triangle Tile Layout

The Single Triangle tile layout is an instant classic. It's also the originally intended layout for the Desert Days pattern.

With this positioning, you can create a space that feels contemporary and fresh—the alignment of the tiles creates clean angular lines that add dimension and interest to the whole room. 


Diamond Tile Layout 

Next up, we have the Diamond layout. 

This tile arrangement is meant for creating show-stopping statement installations. Whether it's a wall or a backsplash, this layout lights up large-scale interior spaces by allowing the accent color of the design to take center stage.


Rhombus Tile Layout

Looking for a geometric tile installation with a little bit of flair? 

Play around with the Rhombus layout option for the Desert Days pattern.

We love how this configuration gives off a retro-like look. Perfect for nostalgic or character-filled interiors, this layout also lends itself nicely to large-scale or commercial applications. 


Double Triangle Tile Layout 

Exude energy in your space with the Double Triangle layout.

This side-by-side triangle combination amplifies the dynamic Desert Days design, and its horizontal positioning brings added movement to the tile installation that enhances the energy of the overall space. 


Reversed Double Triangle Tile Layout

The Reversed Double Triangle layout features a side-by-side triangular configuration like the previous layout, but takes a slightly different approach. 

Here, the tiles are rotated so that each vertical row of triangles is alternating upwards or downwards. The overall affect creates an installation that brings an added sense of movement, visual interest, and energy to the entire space. 


Pinwheel Tile Layout 

The Pinwheel layout of the Desert Days pattern is cheerful, whimsical, and just plain fun. This tile arrangement would be perfect for creating a striking accent wall and would work well in children's rooms or commercial interiors. 


Create Your Own

Feeling creative with all of these layout possibilities? Order a $5 color chip sample to play around with Desert Days and create your own tile layouts. 

Haven't figured out your individual tile style? Take our Style Quiz today to find out what design aesthetic you're most drawn to and see LIVDEN tile recommendations based on your results! 



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