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6 Fireplace Tile Ideas Featuring Sustainable Materials

As the weather gets colder, it's time to turn our attention to where we'll be for the next few months: indoors.

Why not revitalize your space this season and infuse it with a dash of added design and sustainability? 

The fireplace is a focal point in any space, but it's often overlooked or subject to traditional, uninspired color palettes and materials. 

But this year, LIVDEN is here to show you how you can spruce up your hearth with just a couple square feet of sustainable tile, made from 65-66% recycled materials

Keep that mouse moving to find 6 of our favorite fireplace tile ideas fit for creating inspired interiors. 

Black & White Fireplace Tile Design

A tile design that never goes out of style? Bold, geometric black and white tile designs. 


The design above epitomizes how you can use a dynamic black and white tile to add movement and depth to your overall space. 

Here, our COSMOS Rain tile totally transforms this fireplace. Not only does this tile design make the fireplace visually arresting, it also adds eco-friendly recycled materials into the space. 

Fireplace Tile Rug

Want to maximize your design impact with a small amount of decorative tile? 

Consider a tile rug. 

A tile rug can be any size, but it really only takes a few square feet of tile to accomplish.


Take this example, above, featuring a modern fireplace set against a tile rug of our ELLY Floret tile in the colorway Rose.

Even though there is not a lot of it, the patterned tile here infuses personality into the space and coalesces nicely with the overall rustic modern vibe of the interior. 

Simple Scandinavian Fireplace Tiles

Working with a minimalist interior? 

Outfit your fireplace with a Scandinavian-inspired patterned tile in a neutral color palette, like the design shown below.  


This fireplace features our STELLA Single Flower tile in the colorway Charcoal

This tile's playful shapes and subdued color tones inject a little more energy into the space and strike a nice balance with its overall paired-back aesthetic.

Modern Minimal Fireplace Tiles

Create a moment in your interior by tiling your fireplace with a modern, minimal decorative tile. 

Take, for example, this fireplace design below, which features our SWEET PEA Bow tile in the colorway Sand.  


This fireplace demands attention and draws your eye towards the center of the room, almost like a piece of art hanging in a gallery. 

Another great aspect of this design approach? Because this tile design is minimal and subdued you can really play with different patterns here without worrying that your fireplace feature will overwhelm the overall space. 

Contemporary Fireplace Tile Design

If you're looking for something show-stopping and daring, pick a contemporary tile pattern with a rich and captivating colorway. 


Showcasing our ORIGAMI Crane tile in the colorway Non-Photo Blue, the fireplace above is a quintessential example of how to amplify your fireplace with a contemporary tile design. 

By juxtaposing the white walls and neutral wooden flooring, this tile installation provides great contrast, dimension, and interest to this interior. Adding an energetic pattern like this truly gives the room that "wow" factor it was once missing!

Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Tiles

Last, but certainly not least, we have this eye-catching fireplace design, below, featuring our mid-century modern LUNA tile design in the colorway Ivy. 


Mid-century modern tile designs, like LUNA, offer clean lines, gentle organic shapes, and classic colorways that together will give your space an effortlessly modern appearance. By adding this type of sleek and timeless tile pattern to your fireplace, you can amplify the aesthetic of your room, without monopolizing the overall design. 

Fired Up

We hope these fireplace tile ideas lit a spark of inspiration for your next home renovation project. Curious for more tile design ideas? Browse all of our sustainable tile collections or check out our gallery for more tile installation inspiration.

Wondering what your design style is? Take our Style Quiz to figure out what design style best suits your eye and get ideas for LIVDEN tiles that match your unique aesthetic. 



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