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One Pattern, 4 Styles: Deco Sol Design Mood Boards

If you're in need of inspiration for your next installation, you've come to the right place. 

Today, we're showing you three unique ways to style our newly-launched Deco Sol pattern from our sustainable, desert-themed PAINTED SANDS collection

From eclectic to modern, keep reading to see how you can use this vibrant, patterned tile to totally transform your interior. 

The Deco Sol Pattern

Before we get started, we have to take a moment to properly introduce our Deco Sol patterned tile

Available on our recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo tile body, this pattern was inspired by the blazing desert sun and features four, striking colorways (Orange Dawn, Blue Horizon, Pink Dusk, and Twilight Grey) that mirror the vibrant pigments of the sun as it moves through the day. 

This tile's minimalist design and high-contrast tile body make it well suited for a wide variety of home types and interior design styles. 

So let's see how to apply it!

Tile Style #1: Joshua Tree Chic Kitchen

One style the Deco Sol fits effortlessly into? 

 Joshua-Tree-chic design!

This style is best known for its rustic appearance, organic elements, simple lines, and warm hues. 

To create a desert-inspired kitchen, we chose the Deco Sol pattern in the Orange Dawn colorway for our design mood board.

The cheerful, dual-tone orange colorway ties in well with other elements commonly seen in desert-themed interiors, like light wood open shelving and cabinetry. 


And, to finalize the space, we peppered in design elements that evoke relaxed elegance, like handmade pottery, expansive cement flooring, or colorful, high-end appliances that make your space feel meditative and inviting. 


Tile Style #2: Whimsical Nursery 

With its playful, paired back design, the Deco Sol also works well with any whimsical interior. 

Whimsical design style is all about the unexpected and often features a playful and lighthearted mix of different design styles and elements. 

To create a nursery that feels charming and fun, we went for the Deco Sol in the Blue Horizon colorway with this mood board. This soothing colorway and pattern combination will give the space dimension, without overwhelming it. 

And what's great is that this design complements a wide range of other imaginative elements, like a Bohemian-inspired Rattan crib or fun, statement lighting.


To complete the space, we added in stylish prints that mirror the cheerful energy of this design. 


Tile Style #3: Eclectic Living Room

Like we've said before, the Deco Sol pattern is a style chameleon.

Aside from whimsical and desert design style, this pattern tile also blends seamlessly into any eclectic interior.

Eclectic design style encompasses a swath of time periods and design styles and is renowned for its thoughtful mixture of different textures, colors, shapes, and finishes. 

To create an eclectic-inspired living room, we added the Deco Sol tile in the Pink Dusk colorway to our mood board. 

With its electric hues, this pink tile can provide an arresting accent wall that serves as the foundation for tying in other complementary design elements like a rust-colored malm fireplace or a gallery wall with rich-hued picture frames that showcase vintage photographs.


To finish off this eclectic design, we added in decorative, wicker elements, sprawling greenery, and terracotta accents to provide added color and ample texture. 


Tile Style #4: Modern Master Bath

When it comes to modern design style, it's all about symmetry, crisp lines, simple color palettes, and mixed materials. 

And that's why we picked the Deco Sol pattern in Twilight Grey to be the star of our modern master bathroom mood board.

The symmetrical nature of this design and its bold, grey colorway give the space a neutral design element but with an elevated twist.   

What's more is that the characteristics of this design also complement common staples of modern design style, like matte black fixtures or brass statement lighting.


To round out this modern and moody bathroom, we'd add in chunky terrazzo flooring with dark specs and a sleek, black statement tub.

Design With Deco Sol 

Feeling inspired to get your next project going? 

Order a $5 color chip sample of the Deco Sol today to see how this pattern will live in and light up your space. 

Not quite sure what your design style is yet? Check out our Style Quiz to find your true tile style or visit our Gallery for more design inspiration. 



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