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10 Commercial Tile Ideas for Modern Interiors

Commercial spaces are having a moment. Gone are the days of drab, uninspired concrete buildings filled with melancholy Manilla-colored surfaces as far as the eye can see.

Nowadays, companies treat their physical space as an opportunity to connect with consumers and provide experiences you can't find online. From retail spaces to hospitality, we're seeing color and pattern take a front seat in commercial spaces across the country. 

And it's no surprise why! Color not only gives character to a space but it also has been scientifically shown to influence behavior (including decision making) and mood

Today, we're running through 10 of our favorite commercial tile ideas featuring our sustainable tiles to get you inspired for your next project. 

Keep scrolling to see how you can get creative with your commercial space. 


Tile Designs for Restaurants

Accent Wall

Designing a restaurant? Consider creating an accent wallwith patterned tile!

Tile, especially when it's made from 65-100% recycled materials like Terrazzo or PaperStone, is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Using durable, recycled materials also adds an element of sustainability to your overall design. These materials do not consume as many resources to produce and they do not have to be replaced as frequently as traditional building materials.

And, with an eye-catching design like our ORIGAMI Crane series in the colorway Salt and Pepper, you can turn one of the walls into a striking art piece that adds one-of-a-kind character and interest to your interior.  


Half Wall

Another great way to enliven your restaurant? Apply decorative tile to half of your accent wall, like the space shown below. 


This design features our SWEET PEA Boxes series in the colorway Coral

Using this small-scale pattern and bright, inviting colorway amplifies the charm of this already-darling eatery and makes the space feel even more alluring! 

Bar Front

If your restaurant features a bar area, consider adding a decorative tile bar front with an arresting pattern. This strategic use of pattern is a great way to inject interest in your interior and amplify the aesthetic of your overall design theme. 


Take, for example, this casual Scandinavian-inspired eatery and bar space, featuring our STELLA Bow and Arrow series in the colorway Fog.

With just a small amount of tile, this bar turned into an arresting focal point, without jeopardizing the minimalist design style of the overall space. 

Bar Backsplash

Or you can always opt for a bar backsplash!

This coffee shop below features our MARIGOLD Petals series in the colorway Blue Velvet and it's a great example of how to strategically use modern, patterned tiles to enhance the back of your bar space. 


Because the vibrant, patterned tile is only applied behind the bar, this commercial tile installation matches the dynamic energy of the space, without adding too much noise or making the space feel overwhelmed. 

Tile Designs for Office Spaces

Entry Area Wall

They say first impressions count, so why not add an element of design and color to your entryway?

Make a moment for your clients or consumers to experience right when they walk in with a floor-to-ceiling accent tile wall that ties into the rest of the space’s theme.

The image below features our MODERN SOLSTICE Sun series in the colorway Ruby Red. This rich colorway and concentric design deliver a powerful aesthetic that feels warm and complex.


Reception Bay Wall

Working with a commercial office space?

Take the traditional reception bay to the next level by adding a patterned tile accent wall. 

This design below employs our MARIGOLD Petal Series in the colorway Blue Velvet to provide much needed personality to this stark white office design. Adding soothing colors and a mesmerizing pattern to your reception area can help set the tone for your space or create an instant mood booster for clients or employees who enter the area.


Conference Room Wall

In any commercial office space, conference rooms serve as the incubators for collaboration and innovation.

Consider piggybacking off that purpose and pair your conference rooms with patterns or colors designed to motivate or inspire.

For example, check out this conference room design below which features our SPILLED INK Storm series. The artisanal and energetic nature of this tile design, with its dynamic brushstroke-like pattern, enhance the aesthetic of this room and heighten its appeal.


Common/Dining Area Feature Wall 

Another great way to employ tile in your commercial office design is by using it to carve out a section of your space or visually separate one space from another.

Take a look at these two designs below that use a patterned tile feature wall to visually distinguish common spaces from the rest of the interior.


The design above features our LUNA tile in the colorway Ivy, while the design below showcases our COSMOS Rain series in the colorway Green Envy


Feeling Inspired?

We hope those commercial tile ideas got the wheels going for your next project.

Ready to see how our recycled tiles might live in your next space? Order a $5 color chip sample to get an up close and personal look at our tile bodies and modern tile designs. 



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