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Modern Bathroom Tiles To Revitalize Your Space With

Your bathroom can be one of the most exciting areas to transform in your house.  

Whether you are looking to revamp a small powder room or a large master bath suite, redoing this part of your home gives you ample opportunity to incorporate modern materials into your reimagined design.  We always say that the bathroom is where you can go bold when it comes to design. 

One of our favorite ways to bring a space into the 21st century is by incorporating materials that are sustainable and chic, like our decorative tiles made from 65-100% recycled materials.

We've pulled together some of our favorite modern bathroom tiles below to show you how easy it is to refresh your space with materials that match your modern life. 

From soft and sweet to bold and striking, browse our modern bathroom tiles below to get inspiration for your next bathroom overhaul.

Modern Vanity Backsplash Tiles 

If you're looking to make your bathroom more modern, consider updating your vanity backsplash.

You can go big and create a full floor to ceiling display with decorative tile or incorporate a thoughtful decorative tile strip to give your bathroom personality and a modern aesthetic.

Below is an example of how you can use a small amount of decorative tile to create a space that feels fresh and unique.

This vanity backsplash features our Poppy Blossom 1 tile in the colorway Champagne Pink, available on our recycled Polar Ice Terrazzo.


We also love using a patterned tile to create a floor-to-ceiling vanity backsplash. 

Incorporating a sleek and modern design, like our Popsicles Sharpie tile, makes your vanity look contemporary without being overwhelming.

This gorgeous design features our Sharpie tile in Navy Blue, on our recycled Crystallized Terrazzo.


Below is another great example of a statement vanity backsplash that goes big.

Featuring our Luna tile in the colorway Ivy, this design creates a modernized bathroom that feels energized and enticing.


Incorporating a decorative tile in your bathroom presents the perfect opportunity to play around and have fun with color! 

For example, the vanity backsplash design below utilized our Sadie tile in the colorway Lemonade, creating a current bathroom that exudes individuality and charm.

Another excellent example of using tile to play around with color is this impeccable vanity design featuring our bohemian Modern Solstice Diamond tile in the colorway Ruby Red.


If color isn’t your thing, consider integrating a neutral-colored tile with a striking pattern design.

The bathroom vanity pictured below features our Stella 5 Flower tile, in the colorway Fog, to create a space that is understated, yet modern.


A decorative tile can also be used to make a space feel modern and special, like when it’s employed to create a charming bathroom for kids!  

Take, for example, the vanity backsplash design below featuring our irresistibly sweet Poppy Blossom 5 tile in the colorway Carolina Blue.

Using a whimsical design in an enticing colorway produces a space that feels reflective of our modern life and like a unique oasis for the little ones who get to use it.


Looking to make a modern, statement bathroom? A decorative, contemporary tile can also be used to create a statement space that feels unlike any other area of the house.

Take, for example, this powder room vanity design featuring our striking Origami Crane tile in the colorway Dragon Fruit. A stark departure from the overall design of the rest of the house, this bold color and contemporary design sets the bathroom apart, giving it dimension and distinction.


Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles 

Make your bathroom modern with the help of an eye-catching wall tile.

Most often, bathroom walls can get overlooked, with the focus being more on finishes and other details of the space.

At LIVDEN, we feel that bathroom walls are some of the most suitable places for letting your personal design style shine.

We love this Modern Solstice Diamond tile bathroom wall because it exemplifies how you can use part of your wall space to do just that.


Another wonderful option for your walls is using a decorative tile in multiple wall niches, like this example below of our Tiger Stripes Full tile in the colorway River.


But you don’t have to stop at tiling just half your wall. While the wainscoting approach feels contemporary and beautiful, you can also create a similar aesthetic by using a decorative tile on an entire wall in your bathroom.

This bathroom, featuring our Puzzle Piece tile in the colorway Basil, highlights how you can use a full wall tile application to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary.  


Much like the bathroom above, this bathroom radiates modernity by applying our Popsicles Uneven tile in the colorway Ombre to the entire back wall of their bathroom. The result is a space that feels progressive and alluring!


Incorporating a bold design in an enchanting colorway, like this bathroom featuring our Carbon tile in the colorway Hot Lava, can also help you achieve a more updated look with your space. 


Don't be afraid to play around with color! Selecting a pattern tile in a serene colorway like this bathroom featuring our Honeysuckle tile in the color option Melon, can help you achieve a statement bathroom wall that feels modern without being overpowering. 


Modern Shower Tiles

Accomplish a revitalized feel in your bathroom with the help of a modern, decorative tile in your shower niche! 

This application can provide unexpected delight in your bathroom, acting as an almost surprise feature that is more subtle, yet still breathtakingly beautiful. 

This shower, for example, feels sophisticated and innovative thanks to its use of our Tiger Stripes Full tile in the colorway sage on only the back wall of the shower. Sometimes a subtle hand is the best design move.

Speaking of subtle sophistication, we love the bathroom design, below, which features our Popsicles Tracks tile in the colorway Navy Blue.

Thanks to its rich, navy blue color and uniform design this tiled shower wall looks cohesive with the rest of the simple bathroom, achieving the perfect modern minimalist aesthetic. 


Modern Tiles, Made For Your Modern World

We hope these installation examples gave you inspiration and showed you how the right decorative tile can totally transform your bathroom into a modern haven. 

If you're in search of more installation inspiration, check out our Instagram! Or, head to our Gallery page to see other examples of modern bathroom tiles. 



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