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All About Our LAYOUTS

While most of our sustainable series are pretty straight-forward, we did throw in a few patterns that ultimately lets you choose how the final design will look.  We like to call these styles the "anyway you want it" patterns.  What we mean by that is depending on the way you rotate and place these tiles, the layout will look completely different.  Today on the blog, we wanted to give you a few examples of some of these "anyway you want it" tiles and how we recommend using them in a space.  

 The SWEET PEA series

After we designed the super cute BOW style in the SWEET PEA series, we discovered that you could seriously change the entire layout by simply rotating a certain tiles 90 degrees.  Check out the three examples below to see just how different the final layout looks from a few quick rotations.  Which one's your favorite? SWEET PEA is available on our recycled 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo tile.



The HONEYSUCKLE series has been one of our most sampled series yet, so we wanted to show you some of our favorite ways to lay this one out.  We love the HONEYSUCKLE when it's laid out in the same direction, but we also really love it when you rotate every other tile 90 degrees.  Check out the transformation below.  HONEYSUCKLE is available on our recycled 12x12 and 16x16 Paperstone tile. 

The SPILLED INK series

The EXPRESSION style from the SPILLED INK series is one that we actually suggest rotating, rather than keeping each tile in the same direction.  Below are two examples of how we like to layout the INK tile, but you can really get creative with this one.  We even suggest rotating in all different directions to surprise yourself with a unique final layout. Our SPILLED INK series is available on our recycled 12x12 and 16x16 Paperstone tile. 


What might seem like a simple and straight-forward pattern is soon transformed with a quick turn of the tile.  The QUARTER style from the TIGER STRIPES' series is another design where the final layout possibilities are basically endless.  While this tile looks stunning when laid out in the same direction, we think the magic starts to happen when you rotate them at random.  Check out our 2 examples below. TIGER STRIPES is available on our recycled 12x12 Polar Ice Terrazzo tile. 


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