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How to be More Sustainable This Fall

Looking for ways to be more sustainable this fall?

We’ve got you covered.

With the changing of the seasons, fall is often a time to reflect and reimagine how we can be better for ourselves and our planet.  

Discover some of the ways you can amplify your eco-conscious lifestyle with the following sustainability tips, below.

8 Green Tips for Sustainability this Season

1.     Check Your Furnace

Your furnace is a core component of your house. It keeps you warm during those chilly autumn nights!

This fall make your home more sustainable by optimizing your furnace and vents.

Cleaning and inspecting your furnace on a yearly basis can make sure that your furnace is working properly, and that heat is getting to all parts of your home.

Routine maintenance helps your furnace work smarter, not harder, and can diminish unnecessary home energy costs!  


2.    Shop Local

Make your weekly routine more sustainable by shopping at local farms, markets, or other places where locally grown foods are sold.

Compared to conventionally grown foods, locally grown foods require less energy to transport and generate fewer greenhouse gases when produced.

Not sure where the local spots are in your area? Check out LocalHarvest. This online, national directory connects you with over 40,000 family farms and farmers markets.


Pick Your Own Produce

Another great option for shopping local? Finding spots that let you pick your own!

For example, California is home to U-Pick Farms, which is a pick-your-own program that partners with organic or sustainable farms throughout the state.

Or celebrate the advent of Autumn with an activity that’s fun for the whole crew—apple picking at a sustainable orchard! A quick Google Search for “sustainable apple orchards” should connect you to an eco-friendly orchard in your local area.


3.    Try No-Waste Decorations

Did someone say pinecones?

This season look around your home (or yard!) to see what you can reuse or recycle into new DIY decorations for the fall.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and take a second, closer look at items you would normally discard to see if they can be repurposed into cheery fall décor.

For example, take your fallen leaves and turn them into a hanging display; use an old, unwanted sweater to create festive gourds; or turn found pinecones into a decorative, table centerpiece!


4.   Compost or Repurpose Your Leaves

In need of a starter pile for your compost bin?

Take advantage of the foliage falling to the ground this season and use your leaves to create the ideal foundation for composting.

Or repurpose your leaves around your yard!

Every year, more than 8 million tons of leaves are thrown into landfills across the country.

Prevent unwanted landfill use this fall and use your leaves to nourish the trees, shrubs, or flowers on your property. Layering leaves around your other plants can provide key nutrients, protection, and richness to your landscaping.  


5.    Clean Out and Donate

There’s no better time to clean out your closet than the start of a new season.

Instead of reaching for the garbage bin, consider donating clothes or items you haven’t worn or used in months.  

Believe it or not, even big-ticket items, like appliances or furniture, can be donated! Those in working condition can be resold, and those which no longer work can be recycled, which reduces landfill waste.  

Companies like Habitat for Humanity ReStore and The Salvation Army accept appliances and larger items, depending on location. Connect with your local outposts to see where you can bring your items to give them a second act!


6.    Try Energy Saving Light Bulbs

How many lightbulbs does it take to start being a little more sustainable?

Just one!

Start your season with sustainability in mind and try swapping out traditional lightbulbs for LED or energy-saving lightbulbs.

LED bulbs are generally the most energy-efficient lighting option you can buy for your home because they provide the most amount of light with the least amount of electricity. While LED bulbs might have a higher upfront cost, they will save you money in the long run thanks to their durability and low energy use.


7.    Revisit Insulation

You might be wondering why insulation makes this list of ways you can be more sustainable this fall.

That’s because reducing the amount of air leakage in your home can severely impact your ability to save energy or cut down on energy costs.

Remember to check your windows for cracks or your doors for gaps. These low-hanging fruit opportunities are easy ways to reduce air leakage and energy costs.

Or consider a substantial sustainable investment and reassess whether your attic, basement, or wall insulation needs replacing.


8.   Remodel with Recycled Materials

Have a renovation or remodeling project you want to tackle this season?

Greenify your home with the help of recycled materials. When it comes to future design trends, sustainability is the way forward.

With new markets emerging, like the eco-friendly tile market, there are more sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials today than ever before.

So now you can have style and sustainability in your interior, with the help of materials like our modern, decorative tiles made in the USA from 65-100% recycled materials.

sustainable-fall-livden-recycled-tilesLuna Tile in Medallion  

Tis the Season of Sustainability!   

Inspired by the ways you can be more eco-friendly this fall? Let us know in the comments below which tip you’re going to try!

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